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Pultron Composites Ltd
[Fibreglass pultrusions - design and manufacture]

Leaderbrand Produce Ltd
[Horticultural production and marketing businesses]

Gisborne District Council
[Unitary authority responsible for administration of Gisborne region]

Montana Wines Ltd
[New Zealand's largest wine producer and exporter]

Tairawhiti District Health
[District Health Board providing health and disability services]

Tairawhiti Polytechnic
[Tertiary education]

Eastland Infrastructure Ltd
[Electrical Utilities, Port and Airport Infrastructure Management]

Fulton Hogan Ltd
[Roading, Quarrying, Civil Engineering Services]

The Gisborne Herald Ltd
[Daily newspaper]

The quality of the land coupled with the growing conditions make Gisborne the ideal base for year-round production.
The soil on the Poverty Bay flats is some of the most fertile in the country and region is renowned for its warm and sunny climate.

Gisborne is one of the best producers of maize, squash, lettuces, oranges, mandarins and broccoli in the country.
Grapes, sweetcorn, apples, tomatoes, persimmons and kiwifruit also grow in abundance.

Local producers have combined these excellent growing conditions with the latest technology to establish highly successful businesses, for example: A few paddocks of potatoes and onions in the 1970's has grown into a national success for Leaderbrand.

The company now produces a huge range including lettuce, squash, salads, apples, grapes, sweetcorn, tomatoes, peppers, celery, broccoli, broccolini and cabella.

A growing part of the business, the salad factory turns lettuces into ready-to-go salads, cabella coleslaw and mesculin mixes with the bulk of the raw material grown by Leaderbrand on the Poverty Bay flats.

It was Leaderbrand that introduced the nation to a specialized ice-packing technique for broccoli, introduced vacuum cooling to New Zealand and initiated lettuce wrapping in the field.
If you eat cornflakes for breakfast or snack on Twisties for afternoon tea, chances are it has come from Corsons-grown corn in Gisborne.

The company has considerable investments within Gisborne district for the drying, storage and processing of maize for products manufactured throughout New Zealand and overseas by the breakfast food, snack food and baking industries.

Today the company is a globally recognised corn and seed producer with license agreements in place with some of the finest international seed companies, enabling them to select and produce elite hybrids suitable for each particular client's requirements, both in New Zealand and offshore.

Riversun Nursery is recognised as a world leader in grape vine propagation, and boasts a certification system for grafted vines that is second to none.

The nursery has grown exponentially and in 2002 sold more than 3 million grafted grapevines.

Riversun's extensive virus-screening programme and traceability systems give it an edge over competitors and it recently established the country's first private three level quarantine operation for grapevines which will sharpen that edge.

Sunrise Coast produces apples, squash, onions, carrots and pre-packed pre-cooked sweetcorn for export.

It is largest supplier of chatennay carrots in the Asian market, with carrots sourced from New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan and China to provide year-round supply.

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