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Pultron Composites Ltd
[Fibreglass pultrusions - design and manufacture]

Leaderbrand Produce Ltd
[Horticultural production and marketing businesses]

Gisborne District Council
[Unitary authority responsible for administration of Gisborne region]

Montana Wines Ltd
[New Zealand's largest wine producer and exporter]

Tairawhiti District Health
[District Health Board providing health and disability services]

Tairawhiti Polytechnic
[Tertiary education]

Eastland Infrastructure Ltd
[Electrical Utilities, Port and Airport Infrastructure Management]

Fulton Hogan Ltd
[Roading, Quarrying, Civil Engineering Services]

The Gisborne Herald Ltd
[Daily newspaper]


Fishing is an integral part of the local economy, contributing around $16 million annually.

The industry is responsible for about 130 fulltime equivalent jobs, with the servicing and flow-on effects meaning a further 110 positions. The $16 million breaks down into $8 million directly, with a further $8.5 million of servicing and flow-on.

Fishing operations, including vessels, are worth around $8 million, and account for more than 100 positions, while the processing operations are valued at around $8.2 million with 140 full time positions.

It is during the winter months - between April and September - that the majority of the fishing effort occurs in Gisborne.
About half of the local fleet are involved with tuna longlining, with the remainder split between crayfishing boats and inshore trawl and line vessels.


Owned by 17 town milk dairy farmers in the Gisborne and Wairoa area, Gisborne Milk operates New Zealand's largest cold milk ultra-filtration plant.

The Company also produces its own high density polyethylene milk flagons in an on-site Blow Moulding Facility established in 1997.

The plant operates 24 hours per day, six days per week, producing 20,000 units of 2L plastic bottles every day which is enough to satisfy Gisborne Milk requirements with the surplus being sold to other outlets.

The company processes 80 different products, including milk, flavoured milk, cream and Pinto, which are distributed throughout the North Island.


Pultron Composites Limited is a manufacturing company that specialises in producing fibre reinforced structural profiles for a wide range of applications and industries, including horticulture, recreation, transport and defence, both nationally and internationally.

Pultrusions offer a structural material for solving many design and engineering problems which conventional structural materials often cannot. They are strong, lightweight, dimensionally accurate, colourful, non-conductive and chemically resistant.

Pultron began developing its own technology and building pultrusion machinery in 1983 and now boasts a large purpose built modern factory operating a number of machines 24 hours a day. The company is committed to on-going research and innovation and continues to expand and to design and build pultrusion machinery. It has also developed its own die technology and specialist machinery for finishing operations.

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